Saturday, 11 May 2013

Irish Trip :)

On Friday all Transition year students went on an Irish trip to Rathfarnam to see Padraig Pearce's school/museum. When we arrived we had a snack and then set off for the tour around the museum. Our teacher also gave us a worksheet in Irish to fill in as we went around to the different areas of the museum. I got most of the answers so hopefully that will be ok! We then got to watch a video on the history of Padraig's life. We finished our trip off with a nature walk. We got to go around the gardens of the school and the tour guide told us about all the different tree's and what each of them were. Unfortunately it was raining and it was very cold. We then had our lunch outside and made our way home. I really enjoyed the day and I found it very interesting.

Friday, 10 May 2013

My IT End Of Year Project :)

This is my Transition Year End of Year Video. I did mine on music in Ireland on three different instruments. I hope you all enjoy watching it as I did making it :)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gaisce :)

On Friday the 26th of April , most transition year students set off on their Gaisce adventure journey. We left our school just after three and we set off on our hike nearer to five. We went to the Kippure mountains in County Wicklow. Everyone thought they had a lot of energy until we came to that first hill. It was quite steep and there was a lot of horses in that field also. After hours of walking we finally made it to the top. It was a great feeling to get there as we were all so tired. There was 15 of us staying in one house. We had a great night and had lots of sweets! :) 
 We woke up bright and early the next morning just after eight o'clock. We got ready, made our breakfast and cleaned the house up. We got a bus to a certain point and then we had to set off on another adventure in the mountains. This time it wasn't just one mountain but four! They were all very steep, some worse than others! The ground was soo uneven , mucky and wet. I had water swimming around in my shoes! it was such a horrible feeling. We got to have a rest at each mountain peek and had our lunch on the last one. We made our way down after hours of walking and then had to get changed and ready for home in about 10 minutes or so! Overall it was a great experience and a great accomplishment even though I was in pain and wrecked after it! :)
Top Of The Mountain :D

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bank of Ireland :)

 This week Bank of Ireland from our local town came to the school. They gave us a board game all about budgeting!! They showed us how to play it and you have to fill in a income and expenditure budget as you go along. I found it enjoyable as they made it more fun by turning it into a board game. They will be doing it with us for the next six weeks so hopefully it will be good! :)


Geography Project :)

This week we have been doing our geography projects. I am in a group with Kate and Elizabeth. We were given the disease of Typhoid. I have learnt a lot of new facts about this disease and I am finding it very interesting. We have to make a brochure about this disease and present it to the class. We have most of it done, we just need to make it look well by putting images onto it. Hopefully we will have it finished this week and then present it to our class :) 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Projects! :)


This week is our first week back in school since the Easter break and we have got a lot of new projects to do for the end of the year. We have to make and design a new cereal in Mini Company, make a Board game in Irish, a project on a famous person in French, a project on a Typhoid Disease in Geography, a Mood Board of yourself for English, A movie video of Ty in IT, make a puppet in Art and we have to form a band as part of Music!!!! :) I am really looking forward to doing these projects as they all seem really interesting and fun to do!! :)


Music Night :)

 On Thursday the 21st March 2013, there was an annual Music Night held in Our school. All transition years took part in this and all music classes from 1st to 6th years. I haven't done music since 1st year so it was only my 2nd time performing in this event. Our class sang a medley of three songs by Ed Sheeran which were: Lego House, Small Bumb and Give me Love. It took us ages to get it together but on the night I thought it sounded great ::) I really enjoyed the night and would love to do it again :)